Welcome to the international section of the Akkon University of Applied Sciences in Berlin! We are pleased to welcome you to our website.

The Akkon School of Human Sciences is globally connected. Academic and cultural exchange are at the heart of our internationalization strategy, as is international cooperation with stakeholders from academia, politics, business and the third sector. Our internationalization strategy is committed to the self-image that global challenges such as climate change, migration, global health, crises and conflicts can only be met through international cooperation. As a university for applied human sciences, we see our contribution to improving (global) social conditions and supporting people - especially in emergency situations - as a humane requirement. We take international exchange seriously and see discourse and the implementation of practical measures together with stakeholders in other countries as an enrichment for both sides. Strengthening mutual learning processes in political, cultural and socially relevant areas is one of the core tasks of Akkon University.

To implement this strategy, our university is strengthening its global network with international universities and research institutions as well as with other stakeholders around the world. Our international projects (such as Yemen: Health System Strengthening II and Promoting health care in Ukraine under wartime conditions) and publications can be found on the website of the Institute for Research in International Assistance (IRIA), which is based at Akkon. The Institute for Applied Innovation in Healthcare (ITAC) also welcomes cooperation with actors from abroad.

At the same time, the mobility of researchers and students is supported and promoted. Interested academics, staff and students who are planning a stay abroad as part of their studies or career (outgoing) as well as those who are coming to Berlin for a study or research exchange (incoming) are invited to join us for an exchange and take advantage of our information and advice services.

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